Volunteer University Students Deployed to Amhara State To Participate In

 Volunteer University Students Deployed to Amhara State To Participate In

 Development Activities


   Addis Ababa, July 09, 2002  (WIC)- The Amhara State Information Bureau disclosed that

   the State government, in collaboration with the Amhara Development Association and other

   development agencies, was deploying a total of 1,735 volunteer students of higher

   institutions of learning to the State with the view to involving them in development activities.


   The Bureau said 1,700 of the students were drawn from the Addis Ababa University and 35

   from the Mekelle University.


   According to the Bureau, in the first round deployment today, some 600 students were

   dispatched to the regional State.


   The Bureau further said that the students, being sent to the Regional State in accordance

   with their request to participate in the State's development endeavours would, be assigned

   jobs that correspond with their field of study.


   The students would be assigned to their place of origin with some allowances, with the

   provision of additional sum to those that would be deployed farther from their place of origin,

   the Bureau said.


   The Bureau said that the deployment, which involved students of only two universities at the

   moment is envisaged to involve more students from other colleges and universities in the

   country as well.


    Similarly, the Tigrai Development Association disclosed that it has deployed a total of 400

   volunteer Tigrian students to teach in 28 high schools in the Tigrai State.


   According to the Association, the volunteer students were drawn from fourteen higher

   academic institutions in the country.