Friday, June 30, 2000

Violent Clash at University in Sudan Leaves 1 Student Dead and Others Injured


The Chronicle of Higher Education- Friday, June 30, 2000




Sporadic confrontations between police officers and student demonstrators were reported this week in the Sudanese capital,

Khartoum, after a violent clash between police and students at a university in east-central Sudan left one person dead and

several injured.


The main violence occurred Sunday, at the University of Sennar, about 175 miles southeast of Khartoum. It began when the

police moved to stop an unauthorized on-campus political rally to which students had invited a leader of the opposition to the

country's Islamist government.


A statement from the Ministry of the Interior said students riding in four big vehicles forced their way onto the campus. The

statement said police officers shot into the air to disperse them, and that Mirghani Mahmoud al-Noman, a student, was shot in

the head outside the university during the clashes, in which students set fire to three local government offices. The authorities

said six police officers were injured.


Ghazi Suleiman, the leader of the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy, whom students had invited to speak, gave a

different version of the killing. He told reporters that the student was shot not outside, but on the campus as he and colleagues

were walking to a stage prepared for them. He said 22 other students were injured, and 69 students were arrested. Mr.

Suleiman said the police and the army proceeded to put the university under their control.


On Tuesday, hundreds of students at the University of El Nilein and at the Sudan University for Science and Technology, both

in Khartoum, staged antigovernment demonstrations. Police officers quickly dispersed the demonstrators with tear gas.



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