Taye's Verdict

Selam Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia,


 On 28 March 2002, the central judge did not want to read out the verdict on

 the day because he claimed that a lady judge had personal matters to attend

 and nothing should be heard in her absence. More over, the judge claimed

 that the case of Dr Taye was such a matter of great concern which needed

 careful study and examination. As the file on the case was too fat too read

 in few days, they were unable to go through and complete. Therefore, the

 judges could not deliver verdict on the day without thoroughly reading the

 whole thing and understanding. Therefore, the judge announced the

 postponement of reading od the final verdict to today, 02 May 2002.


 Today is 02 May 2002. Probably many of you, particularly friends of Dr Taye,

 are expecting that the judge would stick to his words to announced the

 verdict. Woyyane judges had never kept their words throughout the ten years

 we have been observing them. I am sorry but today is not any different from

 the rest of the previous appearances.


 Today's court drama was as outrageous as usual. Concerned people from ETA,

 relatives and friend of Dr Taye, human right representatives,

 representatives of various organisations and foreign diplomatic post

 representatives, that included the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and

 Spain went early in the morning and started waiting for the judges to

 preside. The judges, however, didn't enter the court room until almost

 mid-day. In stead of entering the court room, the judges were seen going in

 and coming out of their staff room. People waiting both in the court room

 and outside were at unease wondering what the judges were waiting for.

 Finally they decided to go into the courtroom and Dr Taye, the defendant,

 was called in.


 Before any one could say anything, the preceding judge said that they had

 reached conclusion and ready to read their verdict. However, as they were

 waiting for +ACI-something+ACI- they were unable to read their decisions today.

 Therefore, to hear the verdict, the defendant was ordered to return to the

 court on 10 May 2002.


 The people who attended the court to hear Dr Taye's appeal verdict,

 particularly the delegates of foreign representatives were furious to

 witness what was going on. It can be claimed that Woyyane justice system has

 totally collapsed. If they have reached verdict, what are they afraid of to



 ETA activists remained behind and tried to dig out what the judges were up

 to. Although it sounds bizarre, it was reported to us that actually the

 judges were waiting for the regimes TV crew, who were filming similar dramas

 somewhere else to write a story that would lease life to the regime in



 Well, here we go again. Eight days to go to May 10.


 Stay tuned




 Because of the above two reason (which had nothing to do with each other)

 the judge announced that the hearing was adjourned to 02 May 2002


 It came as a shock to the international community that the judge


 the decision once more yet again, but not to Dr Taye and Ethiopians. We

 would be fools to expect a dove from a snake's egg


Wondimu Mekonnen