Selam to all Ethiopians, friends of Dr Taye and friends of Ethiopia

Selam to all Ethiopians, friends of Dr Taye and friends of Ethiopia.


 This morning, at about 10 o'clock, British local time, The British Foreign

 Office received a call from their representative, who attended the final

 court hearings of Dr Taye's appeal, and informed them that our hero was

 released. The British Foreign Office immediately called NUT and passed the

 good news. The NUT called Ato Gemoraw Kassa and congratulated him.

 Immediately,  Ms Sheena Hanley, Deputy General Secretary of Education

 International from Brussels, Mr Andre Dumont from the Netherlands and Steve

 Sinnot respectivelly called Ato Gemoraw and congratulated . Ato Gemoraw put

 me in the picture and made share the joy.



 As Ato Gemoraw was calling Addis to confirm, Ato Abate Angore called from

 Addis Addis Ababa and confirmed the news for real. I sat down, to write and

 distribute, for the first time good news for change. I wrote the wote it

 distributed to all networks at about 11 o'clock London time.  For reasons I

 do not know, none of it came out. It evaporated on the cyber space, let us

 say. I am very, very, very sorry about that. You never know, it may reappear

 after 24 hours, just just ingore it:-). It was not meant to, shall we say?


 The details are as follows for those interested.


 At 10 o'clock Addis time, Dr Taye was called in. When he went in, the court

 was full of his relatives, ETA members (Executives and tearchers) and the

 international representatives, as usual.


 The Central judge started his deliberation.


 It is to be recalled that the High Court, which was preceded by the partisan

 TPLF Hagos Woldu, after dropping most of the accusations, charged Dr Taye

 and  sentenced him to 15 years. The central judge of the court of appeal

 found the article accepted by Judge Hagos Woldu used to jail Dr Taye

 Woldesemiate was totally inappropriate. Judge Hagos should have never used

 that article as presented by the Prosecutor. That article carried a

 punishment of minimum 10 years jail term to amaximum death sentence, . Had

 Dr Taye was found guilty as charged the appropriate article would have

 punishment him and other codefendants by a minimum 1 month to a maximum of 5

 years jail term.


 The judge reading the deliberation looked at Dr Taye and the others and



 +ACI-We are very sorry that Dr Taye Woldesemaite and Ato Gebretsadik Tsadik had

 to serve 1 more extra year, even had the 5 year the maximum sentence was

 passed upon them under the appropriate article. Therefore, this appeal court

 apologises to the defendants for miscarriage of justice and grants them

 freedom. Once the appropriate documentations are done, the defendant are

 free to go home.+ACI-


 As the rest for the rest pf codefendants who were sentenced from four to

 five years, all of them were found not guilty and the court let them walk

 out free.


 It was at this moment Weizero Shewaye Gebeyehu, the widow of Assefa Maru

 expressed her joy of seeing Dr Taye being freed and shouted +ACI-MY HUSBAND IS



 Then her tears flooded through her cheeks uncontrollably, which made every

 one in that court cry with her. She was saying, Assefa would have served 5

 years and walked out free like Dr Taye, hadn't they took away his life. ....

 (I am sorry I am crying myself as I write this).


 Dr Taye is still in jail for now. Without prejudice, it was said that the

 papers were so bulky and he had to stay in jail until they copy every

 documentation and fill in proper forms. He is expected to go home by Monday.

 Never mind.


 ETA was supposed to hold a rally tomorrow in remembrance of the fallen hero,

 Assefa Maru. Due to change of circumstances, this has now been postponed by

 one more week.


 ETA has just issued a notice to every one across the globe. They officially

 asked their General Secretary to thank all of you who have made the dream of

 seeing Dr Taye come out alive. At the same time, they would like to let you

 know that, after coming out of jail and recoving a bit, Dr Taye is going to

 give a press conference one week later. Stay tuned..


 Those of you who would like to congratulate Dr Taye's family and ETA, please

 do so by calling 00 251 1 52 46 65.


 I am going to use this occasion to thank the +ACI-Free Taye Group+ACI- lead by

 Marilyn Boyd (oh boy, I met such wonderful people though this campaign) and

 her International Team, Carlos Escapa, Jean Oliver, and others whose name I

 have been withholding upon request, ENC, Tegbar and all political and civil

 organisations, individual Ethiopians in the US, in the UK, Norway, Germany,

 Holland, Sweden, New Zealand (Ayu) everywhere, International Organisations

 lead by  Education International, NUT, TUC, Amnesty International, AAAS and

 many others who had made Dr Taye's freedom reality.


 Personally, he may not like it, but I would say it any way, my dearest

 friend, Gemoraw Kassa (I am dropping the +ACI-Ato+ACI- for now) is the engine


 kept on rotating the motor. He deserves our appreciation and

 congratulationsl. I am the luckiest man to get that rare opportunity of

 working by his side, given my short temparament. Congratulations brother+ACE-






 Respectfully yours