Friends of Ethiopia

 Friends of Dr Taye


 Selam to all of you.


 At last


  Dr Taye W. Semiate has finally walked out of Karchale jail this morning.

 He was escorted by hundreds of Addis Ababa citizens, notable individuals,

 journalists headed by Kifle Mulat, family members and ETA officials. Dr Taye

 went straight to ETA office with all the crowed. He visited the office and

 the compound. He was beaming with joy and looked healthy, cheerful and



 Seeing all that people escorting him like not just a charismatic statesman

 but an adorable celebrity, he was looking at every one was affection and



 ETA officials drove Dr Taye straight to his resting place. We pray he will

 have a good rest for a couple of days without being disturbed.


  As for the press release, the journalist gave ETA officials such a hard

 time demanding that Ethiopian people would love to hear the voice of their

 hero and wouldn't wait until Saturday. As journalists have been at the head

 of this campaign, ETA finds it difficult to resist their demand. Therefore,

 as Dr Taye feels fit, he could give press conference before Saturday.

 However, the Saturday public meeting will go ahead as scheduled.


  Thank you Education International

 Thank you Amnesty International

 Thank you NUT, NATFE - Steve Sinnot particularly

 Thank you TUC

 Thank you -Free Taye - Marilyn, Carlos, Nancy, Jean (the power in the


 Thank you AAAS

 Thank you fellow Ethiopians

 Thank you every one who took part in this struggle.


  Good bless you all


  The struggle to free the remaining victims from the Woyyane jail continues.




 Addendum: General Secretary Gemoraw Kassa has just talked to Dr Taye

 Woldesemiate on the phone. Taye said going to ETA escorted by so many people

 made him feel like he was coming home from a far distant galaxy. Gemoraw

 Kassa's reaction is, Taye's voice sounded as strong as he new six years ago.

 Taye told Gemoraw that he knew there would too many people and in order to

 prevent his emotions let him down, he had to get up early and do a good

 exercise before meeting the crowed. He came unbroken and strong.