Greetings to all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia
Greetings to all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) would like to pass the following
message to all concerned on behalf of Dr Taye.
Dr Taye will start his European and North America tour, to say +IBw-Thank
You+IB0- to all those who vigorously campaigned to obtain his release in September
He will pay visits to:
- All Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia, relevant government
officials in Europe and USA to be arranged by his hosts at any destination
whenever necessary,
- International Organisations like Education International (EI) and
Amnesty International (AI) to be arranged by EI Mission to Ethiopia in June
- Sisterly trade unions like NUT, TUC and FNV, and
- Physicians for medical check up which will be arranged by the ETA
Support group in collaboration with NUT in London.
Dr Taye has been receiving an overwhelming number of invitations from all
over the world from Ethiopian communities and organisations, to which he is
very grateful. However, ETA IS a bit concerned as Dr Taye is receiving
multiple invitations from within one city of Europe and America. However,
while he is more than happy to meet each Ethiopian, give a hug and express
his thanks for the job well done, it is going to be extremely unmanageable
for him to attend all those invitations individually.
Therefore, the ETA would like to politely request all Ethiopians scattered
across the globe, on Dr Taye+IBk-s behalf, to co-ordinate your efforts to meet
the man. When he visits London, for example, the London ETA support group is
going to work in co-ordination with all civic, social and political
organisations in London and surrounding areas and organise just one big
meeting for Ethiopians with Dr Taye. As every one fought for Dr Taye+IBk-s
release together, he is going to meet a united gathering of Ethiopians to
see and enjoy the fruits of their united effort. That will save his energy
to continue his other meetings with relevant international organisations and
continue his journey to the next country without overtaxing his frail but
recovering health, body and mind. Similarly, ETA encourages all Ethiopian
organisations and individuals who have been sending him invitations to do
the same by co-ordinating your efforts and organising just one joint meeting
with him when he visits your city and area.
For his trips to be successful, ETA has already started gathering
information. Therefore, Let those friends and organisations that want to
invite him, in co-ordinated manner in their respective cities, know the head
office directly at:
The ETA Head Office
P.O.Box 1639
Addis Ababa
Tel: +- 251 1 52 4668/5
Fax: +- 251 1 53 0502
or through ETA Support Group in Europe your convenient time to invite Dr
Taye so that schedule will be set up taking into account some important
factors like time constraints, travel and accommodation costs at:.
The ETA Support Group
4 Barker House
Kingswood Estate
London SE21 8NU
Tel: +-44 208 6700655 (+-44 207 923 4449)
or through myself at
Once these information are in place and, ETA will be able to work out his
schedules of meetings across the globe, his travel arrangements will be
revealed to you.
Thank you
on behalf of ETA