Greetings to all,
Greetings to all,
The ETA Headquarters informed us today from Addis Ababa that there is a
change in the plan of Dr Taye's tour  of Europe and North America, to say
+ACI-Thank You+ACI- to all Ethiopians, friends of Ethiopia, Human and Trade
Right organisations, who vigorously campaigned for his freedom.
In his original plan as posted through e-mail on o3 June 2002, he was
supposed to start his tour in September, passing through Europe (after a
planned medical check up in London) then to North America. However, the urge
to participate on +ACI-International House Reunion+ACI- (our Marilyn must have
twisted his arm:-)) with his old classmates and colleagues at Illinois State
University, had convinced him to change his travelling schedule. He will
start with North America and finishes his tour with Europe.
Please take a note of the following already scheduled dates and meetings
1. On 15 August 2002, Dr Taye will be a special
     Guest of Honour and a keynote speaker
     on +ACI-Chicago Sociological Association
2. On August 22, Dr Taye will attend +ACI-Global
     Review Conference at Illinois State University.+ACI-
     He was a founding member of the +ACI-Global
3. On 25 August he will attend +ACI-The International
     House Reunion.+ACI-
Dr Taye will be in North America until 15 September 2002. Therefore, you may
now start organising yourselves, Ethiopians, to meet the hero.
For example, the community of Ethiopians in Chicago can take the opportunity
to meet him while he was in your area, particularly between the dates of 15
August - 22 August.
After August 25 to 15 September, you have all the time in the world to
invite him to your area.
The only request ETA and Dr Taye are placing is that he wants to meet you as
a united Ethiopians wherever he goes. At least, on this occasion you all
should get together, co-ordinate your efforts to meet the hero. As you all
were united in the struggle to free, he would love to see you all united to
greet him. Remember, he only came out of jail about 4 weeks ago. His health
is not that reliable. The very reason we wanted him to come first to London
was to arrange for him a medical examination. He is now coming to your area
without the medical check up we have planning on. Therefore, we should make
sure, we wouldn't over tax his shaky health status by over taxing him.
So far, I have invitations for him from Ethiopians friends of Ethiopia and
Dr Taye  living in:
1. Seattle
2. Boston
3. Stanford or Berkeley University
4. Columbia, MO
The rest of you might have sent your request straight to the ETA Head
Office. That is fine.
However, those of you who have not made up your minds yet, please let ETA,
or ETA Support Group in Europe or myself know your intentions to invite him.
When you do so, please send us your full mailing address and fax numbers.
Send your invitations to:
The ETA Head Office
P.O.Box 1639
Addis Ababa
Tel: +- 251 1 52 4668/5
Fax: +- 251 1 53 0502
The ETA Support Group
4 Barker House
Kingswood Estate
London SE21 8NU
Tel: +-44 208 6700655 (+-44 207 923 4449)
or through myself at
Thank you