Association Demands Salary Increment

Association Demands Salary Increment


  Addis Ababa, July 01, 2002 (WIC)- The Ethiopian Teachers' Association urged the

   government to raise the salary of teachers as their earnings are not compatible with their

   busy schedules and the cost of living in the county.


   In a statement the Association issued at the end of its 15th Central Council Meeting today, it

   said that although the government has on various occasions taken measures to raise the

   salary of teachers, the salary increments effected were not enough.


   The statement urged the government to readjust teachers salary by considering their busy

   schedules, their educational status and their service.


   In addition to fighting for the rights of its members, the Association was also exerting efforts

   to raise the education coverage in the country as well as to up grade the quality of



   The Association has also demanded that some budget should be allotted to it to conduct

   HIV/AIDS awareness activities.