Teachers Urged to Raise Standard

Teachers Urged to Raise Standard of Education in Ethiopia


Addis Tribune- June 30, 2000


By Our Staff Reporter


Dr.Tekleahaimanot Haile-Selassie, vice minister of Education, said Wednesday the Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETC) has

been making every effort to raise the standard of education in the country.


He was addressing the thirteenth regular meeting of ETA at the assembly hall of the Ministry of Education.


"It is widely believed that there could exist no result in the calculation sector without the active participation of teachers. The

Ministry of Education has, therefore formulated, strategies whereby ETA and the ministry on the one hand, and teachers and

students themselves, on the other, work closely and contribute to the advancement of the teaching-learning process," he said.


He concluded by urging the need to make more efforts towards enhancing the quality of education.


Ato Ahmed Ababulgu, president of ETA, called on all teachers to join hands to promote their interests while living up to their