SPONSOR: Institute of Textile Technology (ITT) 	
PURPOSE: ITT's goal is to prepare young men and women for leadership
careers in the manufacturing segment of the primary textile industry.  

DEADLINE: January 15, 2000

SUMMARY: Each ITT fellowship provides the student with a generous
stipend for the nine months of the academic year. Fellowships require
no service, such as assistance with laboratory work or teaching, and
are continued for the second year, provided the student's performance
during the first year is satisfactory.

Tuition and fees at the Institute are paid for each student having a
fellowship. In addition, summer internships provide students with an
opportunity to earn several thousand dollars conducting a research
project for a textile company. The stipend, summer project income,
and tuition allowances relieve the Institute student of the major
economic burdens that most graduate students encounter.

Men and women currently employed by textile companies also are
encouraged to continue enhancement through graduate education at
ITT. A member company may nominate employees to apply to the
Institute. Company nominees must meet the same entrance requirements
as other prospective students. Applicants who successfully
compete for fellowships under these conditions receive a stipend
from their companies in addition to the stipend provided by the
Institute. Those who complete the Master of Science degree usually
return to work for the companies originally nominated by them.

The goal of the Institute of Textile Technology's Master of Science
Program is to select graduate students of high intellect and
leadership ability who demonstrate personal integrity and strong
interpersonal skills for preparation in significant leadership
responsibilities in the textile industry. Through multi-disciplinary
graduate education in the theory and practice of textile
manufacturing technology, reinforced with extensive industry
interaction and the Institute's applied research program, students
are empowered to achieve this goal. The Institute's Board of Trustees,
consisting of the leading chief executive officers of the U.S. textile
industry, has challenged the ITT graduate program to provide their
companies with talented individuals capable of leading textile
processes and assuming manufacturing responsibilities. 

To fulfill its goal, the Institute selects the very best students from
American undergraduate schools. The Institute's Academic Committee,
which grants fellowships to study at ITT, seeks students with excellent
academic credentials, demonstrated leadership skills, strong character,
and a desire to make a successful leadership career in textile

ITT's graduate program offers its students the opportunity to acquire
and hone the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in
manufacturing leadership. All ITT students are thoroughly emersed in
textile technology, business administration, quantitative analysis, and
professional communications. 

The education program is one of the most effective in American higher
education because it is designed to expose students to both theories
and principles of textile leadership. In addition, students are
provided multiple opportunities to apply their knowledge in a variety
of experimental learning environments. Furthermore, students are
provided the unique opportunity to meet with industry CEO's,
Presidents, and Plant Managers during formal and informal
occasions sponsored by the Institute. 

The performance of ITT's graduates in their first post-professional
position following graduation confirms the validity of the
Institute's academic mission. During the past fifty-two years of
operation, ITT graduates have witnessed excellent job placement.
Many of our graduates have risen to the uppermost leadership
positions in the U.S. textile industry. 

The Institute of Textile Technology has articulated the following
objectives to meet its goal of preparing young men
and women for careers in textile manufacturing leadership: 

The ITT graduate shall understand the fundamental aspects of
successful textile manufacturing, and should understand the
integration of the critical processes comprising the textile complex;

The graduate shall become a skillful technical leader who, by
definition, is knowledgeable in engineering, scientific, and the
technological underpinnings of textile processing technology, and
can apply that knowledge effectively in the industrial setting;

The graduate will be skillful at using and researching available
resources to help him/her function effectively in the
industrial setting;

The graduate should be knowledgeable of the current state-of-the-art
technology in textile manufacturing;

The graduate should develop a finely-honed ability to study and
analyze a technical or management problem, reflect upon the situation,
synergize a thoughtful model to explain the circumstances, and
finally develop a well-reasoned solution. In other words, the student
should acquire improved thinking and reasoning skills while
studying at ITT;

The graduate will demonstrate mastery of oral and written
professional communication skills; and

The graduate shall graduate from ITT with a mature career perspective,
and an interest, including ambition and willingness to succeed.

Institute of Textile Technology
2551 Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-4614
Phone: 804-296-5511



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