March 21,2000

272 Schools Built in Tigrai in Five



MAKALE, March 21 (WIC) Two hundred and seventy-two schools of varying levels have been constructed in Tigrai State during the past five years with an outlay of a quarter of a billion Birr, the State's educational bureau disclosed. According to

information made available by the bureau, the constructed schools include 25 kindergartens, 227 elementary and senior secondary schools, ten senior secondary schools and three colleges. It was also disclosed that five community vocational training centers, one special boarding school and one technical school were also built with assistance provided by the government and the public.


Indicating that the schools were built in all the state's five zones, the officials cited the Adwa and Abiy Adi Teachers' Training Schools, the Maichew Technical School and the Makale Arts College as a few of the establishments.


According to the information, the number of schools that stood at 693 in the state five years ago has now reached 966.


The same information disclosed that the student population in the state has also reached 518,934 having increased by 197,000 during the five year period. The educational coverage has also increased to 63.3 per cent during the period, it was learnt.


According to the same information, the educational budget allocated by the state which stood at 65.3 million Birr five years ago has redoubled at present.