Student Population in Tigray On Increase

Mekale, Nov. 28 (WIC) The student population of elementary and secondary schools of Tigray state has considerably increased, the state's educational bureau said. Ato Girmay Kidne Mariam, head of the bureau's educational programme and supervision department told WIC that a total of 471,187 students are currently enrolled in the state's elementary schools. Ato Giramay said the state's student population increased because of the expansion of elementary schools in the countryside and the people's growing recognition of the value of education.

Ato Girmay also disclosed that female enrollment rate has reached 50 per cent and that committees have been formed at various levels to encourage female students not to drop out.

Similarly, the size of student population in the state's secondary schools has shown an increase of over 13,000 over the number of the previous year, Ato Girmay said.