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SEPTEMBER  29,1999


In Tigray More Trees Logged Than Planted

MEKELE, September 29 (WIC) - The Agricultural Development and Natural Resource Bureau of the Tigray National State disclosed that there is an alarming discrepancy between the number of trees logged and planted every year in the Tigray.

According to the finding of a study paper presented to a 3-day workshop held in Mekele, to raise women's awareness to environmental protection, tree on the area of 4,075 sq kms are logged each year against only 96 sq kms. of land being covered with trees.

It was noted that such act of irresponsible logging has resulted in the loss of fertile soil through water and wind erosion.

The paper which pointed out that the rising rate in population growth has further aggravated the practice of tree-logging, called for the need to issue environmental protection policy at the state level.

The paper, referring to the fact that rural women devoted a fourth of their time collecting fuel wood, also recommended that women be provided with alternative energy source, to help curb deforestation in the state.