U.S Embassy Donates 4.5 Million Birr Worth Educational Materials


    Awassa, June 20, 2002 (WIC)- The U.S Embassy here has donated educational aids worth

   over 4.5 million birr to the Southern Ethiopia  Nation Nationalities and People's State

   Education Bureau. 


   The donation, which was obtained from the U.S based Irish NGO, included over 30,000

   textbooks and chairs. 


   Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Head of the state Education Bureau, Gebre Kirostos

   Nurye said the donation would help mitigate the shortage of textbooks from kindergarten all

   the way through higher learning institutions. 


   U.S Ambassador to Ethiopia, Tibor Nagy said on his part that his government would continue

   to assist the State's education sector activities.