April 23,2000

Over 155 Vocational, Technical Schools Embrace for New Students


ADDIS ABABA April 23 (ENA) Education Minister Genet Zewdie says over 155 vocational and technical schools

across the nation are making preparations to enroll 10th grade completes who fail to join higher educational



Genet told ENA on Friday that 55 high schools, 42 vocational and technical schools, 22 agricultural, 19health as well as

17 teachers' training centers were preparing to accommodate the 10th graders.


Preparation are also well underway to open vocational classes in high schools throughout the country, the minister



She said the ministry has already selected high schools where students who succeed in joining higher educational

institutions would take preparatory college and university lessons.


Genet, meanwhile said, 1,588 primary and 57 high school have been built across the country over the past five years.


Some 88 per cent of the schuss were constructed in the rural parts of the country, the minister said, adding student

enrollment in the nation has grown to 45 per cent at the end of the 1991 Ethiopian academic year from 26.7 five years