COMPLETE TITLE: Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

PURPOSE: To encourage excellence in education through the

identification of critical needs and the development of effective

programs to address them.

DEADLINE: December 10, 1999

Note: All application requests must be postmarked or received by e-mail

by November 12, 1999. 

SUMMARY: Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships are

designed to encourage original and significant study of ethical or

religious values in all fields of the humanities and social sciences.

In addition to topics in religious studies or in ethics (philosophical

or religious), dissertations might consider the ethical implications

of foreign policy, the values influencing political decisions, the

moral codes of other cultures and religious or ethical issues

reflected in history or literature. 


Winners will receive $15,000 for 12 months of full-time dissertation 

writing. Approximately 35 non-renewable fellowships will be awarded

from among more than 400 applications. Graduate schools will be asked

to waive tuition for Newcombe Fellows. 

Eligibility Requirements for the Newcombe Dissertation Fellowships

Applicants must be candidates for Ph.D. or Th.D. degrees in doctoral 

programs at graduate schools in the United States.  Candidates must 

fulfill all pre-dissertation requirements by November 26, 1999, 

including approval of the dissertation prospectus, and expect to submit 

completed dissertations by August, 2001. These awards are made to

Ph.D. candidates who are in the writing stage of the dissertation.

Usually, this means that fieldwork or other research is complete and

writing has begun.  Applicants who have held a similar national award

for the final year of dissertation writing, such as a Whiting, Mellon,

NEH, Ford, Pew, Spencer, or AAUW fellowship, are not eligible.  Awards

are not made for a half year only.

Eligible proposals are those that have ethical or religious values as a 

central concern. Selection committees will look for proposals that 

illuminate religious or ethical questions of  broad significance and 

elucidate the ways in which these values do or should inform choices

and give meaning to people's lives. Dissertations may be in any field

and consider any period of time, but should be concerned with

continuing problems and questions of human life. Connections should be

made between specific topics and wider religious or ethical questions.

Critical editions, biographies, studies that are primarily statistical, 

collaborations and annotated texts are not acceptable. Candidates 

should apply only if ethical or religious values are central to their 

dissertations and they can reasonably expect to complete their 

dissertations during tenure of the award. 

Before applying, please answer the following questions: 

Will you have completed all pre-dissertation requirements by November 

26, 1999? 

Are you writing on a topic of ethical or religious values? 

Are you enrolled in a graduate school in the United States? 

Do you expect to complete your Ph.D. in 2001? 

If the answer to all of these questions is YES, please contact the 

following address for an application form or download it: 

Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowships 

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation 

CN 5281 

Princeton, New Jersey 08543-5281 

E-mail: charlotte@woodrow.org

Access the On-Line Application

Please include mailing address. 

Supporting documents include graduate school transcripts, letters of 

reference, and a dissertation prospectus no longer than six pages. The 

prospectus should outline the dissertation and discuss its relevance to 

religious and ethical inquiry. Decisions about eligibility will be

based on the application form and dissertation abstract. Reapplications

are not permitted, so it is wise not to apply prematurely. 

Dates and Deadlines 

All applications and proposals must be postmarked by December 6, 1999. 

Applications being mailed from outside the United States or Canada

  must be postmarked November 22. 

Notification of awards will be made in April, 2000. 

Tenure begins in June or September, 2000. 


Newcombe Fellows may not accept other awards which provide similar 

benefits. They may undertake no more than six hours of paid work a week 

during the tenure of the fellowship and only with the written

permission of the director of the program.


Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowships 

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation 

CN 5281 

Princeton NJ 08543-5281

Tel: (609) 452-7007 

Fax: (609) 452-0066 

E-mail: charlotte@woodrow.org

E-mail: webmaster@woodrow.org

Internet: http://www.woodrow.org


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