Women Empowerment Programme Launched

New Women Empowerment Programme Launched


NAZARETH, August 6 (ENA) Head of Women's Affairs Section with the Office of the Prime Minister says a five-year national women empowerment programme will be launched with an out-lay of over 60 million Birr beginning next September.


The minister in charge of the section, Tadelech Haile-Michaell was speaking here yesterday at the conclusion of a 15-day trainers' training offered for the implementation of the programme.


Tadelech said the programme, believed to facilitate Ethiopia women empowerment, is expected to be endorsed by the parliament in September.


The Federal Government has set aside materials worth 17.5 million Birr while the World Bank and the Italian Government have allotted 7.5 million dollars for the execution of the programme.


Disadvantaged women and female high school graduates in the Amhara and Afar states as well as in the Addis Ababa and Dire-Dawa Administration will become beneficiaries of the first phase of the programme, she said.


She added disadvantaged women in all states will benefit from the second and third phases of the programme, which will be launched based on the findings of the evaluation of the first phase.


The programme will focus on ensuring the right of women stipulated in the constitution through awareness boosting activities and facilitating ways and means for the economic empowerment.


She said 90 per cent of the 600 trainers needed to execute the programme had already received training.


The trainers were given lessons on project designing, ways on organizing women, income generating project preparation, information exchange, book keeping and poverty alleviation methods.