Government Bans Women Lawyers' Association

Government Bans Women Lawyers' Association


The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa)

September 4, 2001

Posted to the web September 4, 2001


By Staff Writer

Addis Ababa


Government-run papers quoted the Ministry of Justice as saying that it has barred the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association,

EWLA, from operation.


The state papers said the reason for the measure was that, "the government has found the Association engaged in activities

different from those it was mandated by law."


The allegation that has been made by the Ministry of Justice was not specific.


The Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association in response said yesterday that it has never received any warning from the



Moreover, the Association said that it has not received any formal notice from the Ministry regarding the measure that was

announced on state media.


During its life, the civic society has helped several women who were abused, raped and suffered violence in silence. They

helped such women receive legal assistance, free counsel as well as sensitized society about the plight of women in Ethiopia.


Organized around the country, EWLA has been the voice of the voiceless, in most cases coming to the rescue of women and



The sensitization and awareness creation activities carried out by these women were exemplary in Ethiopia, a country where

such civic societies have been either non-existent or not so strong.