Women Urged to Register in

Women Urged to Register in

Preparation for Election


BAHIR DAR, Jan. 14 (WIC) Woizero Tadelech Haile

Michael, head of the Women's Affairs Sector in the

Office of the Prime Minister, has urged women to

register themselves in preparation for exercising their

right to elect and be elected in the upcoming national

elections. In a speech she made during the first

regular women's affairs conference of Amhara State for

this year in Bahir Dar, Woizero Tadelech noted with

satisfaction that during the past five years of the

peace, democracy and development programme, the

women of the country have exercised their rights well

and have managed to emerge as participants in the

policy making body. She said appropriate forums are

being created for encouraging political party and

independent women candidates to take more active

participation in the election. Representatives of the

State's women's office and government departments

will present reports during the six-day conference and

extensive discussions will be held on them, it was



Meanwhile, voters' registration has been taking place

successfully in North Shoa zone of Amhara State and a

total of 2,500 voters have so far been registered. Ato

Tessema Kebede, zonal election coordinator, said

people have been registering with enthusiasm in Debre

Berhan, Molale, Mekoy and Inewari polling stations.