Women Barred From Gas Stations, Restaurant Service

Women Barred From Gas Stations, Restaurant Service


Panafrican News Agency September 5, 2000


(Khartoum, Sudan)-Khartoum authorities have barred women from working at gas stations, hotel rooms and restaurant service.


A directive by Khartoum State Governor Majzoub Khalifa said women should no longer be allowed to serve gas directly to motorists at filling stations.


Women are also excluded from hotel room service and forbidden to serve customers directly at restaurants and cafeterias.


The law, however, allows women to serve "family members" inside hotels, restaurants, or cafeterias.


Khalifa said the law is to preserve the dignity of women and in keeping with religious teachings.


"This decision is meant to honour women, preserve their dignity and put them in a decent place in keeping with the country's religious orientations and in observance of the traditions of our nation," he said in the statement given wide publicity Tuesday by the media.


The governor said employers should apply the law in a manner that preserves the interests of their female workers.


"Women now engaged in such occupations should not be made to lose their jobs. Employers should shift them to other occupations within the concerned facilities," Khalifa added.