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The Challenge of Gender Inequalities

African children

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Chora Highlights

  • Report on the Joint UNICEF/Women's Association of Tigray Study of Ethiopian Deportees/Returnees from Eritrea Living in Tigray-December 2001

  • The 10th Annual Women's Studies Conference Women of African Descent: Reaching Out Across the Diaspora Friday, October 6 - October 7, 2000

  • VIth Regional Conference on Women- Addis Ababa, 22-27 November, 1999

  • Marjorie Coeyman: Bridging Ethiopia's Educational Gender Gap

  • Education Dept. Report Notes a Quarter-Century of Strides by Women in Academe

  • Education for Peace in Africa

  • Women Still Short-Changed in Ethiopian Society

  • Life Skills Needed for Ethiopia's Women Beggar

  • A Challenge to Girls Education in Ethiopia

  • Campaign targets laws against women across Africa

  • Media Women to Promote Positive Image of their Sex

  • Committee Proposes Drawing Policy for Eradication of Harmful Practices

  • Women Candidates Say Resolved to Fight Harmful Cultural Practices

  • Millions Left Scarred By Female Mutilation

  • Conflict, Gender and Poverty in War-torn S-Saharan African Countries

  • The Secret Scourge of African women

  • Educational Attainmnet by Age, Gender and Poverty Status

  • The State of Ethiopian Schools

  • Women in Africa's Development

  • Pop Council Warns about Family Structures Changes

  • Lives and Deaths of an Ethiopian Midwife

  • Selected News

  • Jan 22, BBC: Couple's stand against female circumcision

    "Now after Genet and Abosie, young men and women are really listening. There has been an amazing ripple effect... It has opened doors of courage."

  • Jan 9, 2003-Women's eNews: Young Africans Reject Genital Mutilation

    When Genet Girma and Addisie Abosie got married in Kembatta, Ethiopia, they did the unthinkable in their community. Genet wore a placard saying "I am not circumcised, learn from me" and her groom wore a matching one that said "I am very happy to be marrying an uncircumcised woman."

  • Jan 6, 2003-BBC: Woman's bid to break Aids cycle

    She [Hirut Gedlu] has just finished a 2,500 kilometre journey across her country, on her bike, which took her to 280 places where she preached her anti-Aids message.

  • Jan 2,2003- The Monitor: Girls On the Street Say Rape On the Rise

    More girls living on the streets of Addis are being raped. According to some of the street children the number of victims is on the rise.

  • Nov 22, In These Times: A Flash of light

    Through her own stubborn determination and the sacrifices of her mother, who took on her household chores, Bogaletch Gebre became the first girl in her village, Zato, to be educated beyond the fourth grade...later she became the first woman invited to join the science faculty at Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa University. But years earlier, as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Massachusetts, Gebre awakened from her physical and emotional numbness, and she experienced rage and horror over what was done to her as a child.

  • Oct 28, IRIN: Ethiopia: High death rate from illegal abortions

    More Ethiopian women die in hospital from illegal abortion complications than for almost any other medical reason, the World Health Organisation (WHO) told IRIN on Monday.

  • Oct 24, IRIN: Ethiopia: Conference discusses trafficking of women

    Mass unemployment in Ethiopia is leading to an alarming rise in the illegal trafficking of women, according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

  • Oct , IRIN: Focus on traffiking women

    Illegal trafficking from Ethiopia has become a lucrative business. Traffickers who prey on girls in Ethiopia expect to earn around seven thousand Ethiopian Birr (More than US $800) for each person they send overseas. Thousands of teenage girls are shipped out of the country each year to the Middle East, with the Lebanon as the most popular destination. The Ethiopian authorities were forced to open a consulate in the Lebanon just to deal with the problem.

  • August 5, UPI/VOA: Ethiopian Women Warned of Dangers When Working Abroad

    Ethiopia's government is helping launch a campaign to warn women about possible dangers of taking jobs outside the country. The campaign is run by the International Organization for Migration in conjunction with Ethiopia's Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Women's Affairs Office.

  • July 30, IRIN: Focus on primary education

    According to a recent study, some 72 percent of school-age children have no access to formal education. The difference between the enrolment of boys and girls in schools is still vast, despite the fact that the federal government spends 15 per cent of the national budget on education. Dropout rates from primary schools are more than 25 percent.

  • July 11, XIV International AIDS Conference: Risking Death to Stay Alive

    A third of all women canvassed at three ante-natal clinics in a study in Soweto, South Africa, admitted to having had “transactional sex” in return for food, clothing, transportation, school fees, cash or gifts for their children - and were HIV positive.

  • July 2, WIC:ADA Offers 45,000 Birr To Support Girl Students

    The Amhara Development Association (ADA) has provided 45,000 birr to support girl students in two high schools in Debre-Markos town.

  • June 27, UNIRIN: Focus on Borena Education

    In Borena Zone [], in the southernmost region of the country, bordering on Kenya, only five percent of girls ever make it into any schools. This percentage is alarming even in overall terms for Ethiopia, which has one of the poorest enrolment rates for girls in the world: around 40 percent of seven million school-age children. The appalling lack of education in rural areas of Ethiopia is typified in Borena, and even more so in the Teltele and Yabelo areas, the two most inaccessible parts of the zone, inhabited by nomadic pastoralists and agro-pastoralists

  • June 27, WIC: Rapist Gets 12 Years Prison Terms

    The Adaba woreda court in Bale zone, Oromia State has sentenced a man for 12 years rigorous imprisonment for raping a five-year old girl.

  • May 31, CHE: Study Stresses Importance of Support Networks for Female Engineers

    According to the report, mentor programs, opportunities to network with practicing female engineers, and clubs like the Society for Women Engineers -- which has branches and arranges activities and schedules speakers at numerous engineering schools – are the types of efforts that make women feel confident and valuable to the field, thus increasing the likelihood that they will stick with engineering.

  • May 16, CHE: East Africa Gets Its First University for Women

    A private university for women -- a first for East Africa -- has been established in Kenya and will soon start admitting students for undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • May 4, WIC: Number Of Girl Students In Hadiya Zone On The Rise

  • April 30, BBC: Ethiopian girl recounts night of terror

  • March 6, WIC: Panelists Say Women's Associations Performance, Poor

  • Sept 11, WIC: Shooting the messenger

  • Sept 7, Addis Tribune: Suspending the EWLA: Is This The Road to Democracy?

  • Sept 4, The Monitor: Government Bans Women Lawyers' Association

  • Sept 4, Xinhuanet: Rape Crimes Rising in Ethiopia

  • Sept 3, WIC: EWLA Refutes its Suspension

  • Sept 2, WIC: Parents Express Dissatisfaction at Court's ruling in Rape case

  • August 28, WIC: Rally Calls for Abrogation of Bail Rights for Rapists

  • Agust 4, WIC: Women in Western Tigrai Refrain from taking Eggs, Milk

  • July 29, WIC: Public Gathering to Raise Awareness on Women's Right Held

  • July 16, WIC: Disadvantaged Women Undergo Training

  • March 7, BBC: Child marriage 'violates rights'

  • March 5, WFP: Put Girls in School to End Global Hunger and Poverty, Says WFP Head

  • Sept 20, UNFPA: The State of World Population 2000 Lives Together, Worlds Apart Men and Women in a Time of Change-Summary

  • UNFPA' Full Report

  • Sept 5, PANA- Women Barred From Gas Stations, Restaurant Service

  • August 20, WIC-13,700 Female Students Drop-out of Schools in North and West Shoa Zones

  • August 17, WIC- On The Road To Entoto: Encountering the Languages of Despair

  • August 6, ENA- New Women Empowerment Program Launched

  • July 23, ENA- Official Calls for Concerted Efforts to Tackle Rape, Abduction

  • July 17, Walta-British ambassador inaugurates media education programme

  • July 3, Addis Tribune- Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association Urge the Outlawing of Female Circumcision

  • June 23, Addis Tribune-Women's Affairs Standing Committee Discusses Bill on Marital Issues

  • June1, NY Times- Unicef Reports on Violence Facing Women

  • May 28, NY Times- Women Seek Louder Voice as World Peacemakers

  • May 11,The Independent-UK companies sell toxic soap to African women

  • May 9, Washington Post-In Pakistan, Women Pay The Price of 'Honor'

  • April 7, Addis Tribune-Canada Donates 75,000 Birr to Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association

  • March 21, WIC (Ethiopia) Health Net International Launches MCH Program

  • March 9, NY Times- Unicef Opens Global Drive to Halt Killings of Women

  • March 8, WIC (Ethiopia)-Women Parlamentarians: A Success Story

  • March 7, The Reporter( Ethiopia): Improvident reference to ratio

  • Feb 28, WIC (Ethiopia)More Rape Crimes are Reported in Illubabor Zone

  • Feb 21, WIC (Ethiopia)-Association Cancels Wedding of Young Girl Students

  • Feb 18, Addis Tribune (Ethiopia)-Seminar on Women Participation Held in Capital

  • Feb 12, WIC (Ethiopia)- Women Deputies Create Forum

  • Feb 06, The Independent(UK)-Backlash against attempt to liberate Morocco's women

  • Feb 06, WIC- 200 Women Candidates of Five Political Organizations Begin Campaigning

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    Genital Mutilation

  • In Ethiopia, women say no to female genital mutilation


  • The Female Genital Mutilation Education And Networking Project

  • Equality now: Campaing to end FGM

  • ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF AFRICANA BIBLIOGRAPHY. No.4. Female Circumcision and Infibulation in Africa

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    Microcredit for Women

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  • The Search for Sustainable Livelihoods

  • The Virtual Library on Microcredit

  • FEMNET: The African Women's Development and Communication Network

  • African Women and Economic Development

  • Association for Women in Development

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