Over 100,000 ha. of Woodland Deforested in Oromia Annually

Negelle Nov. 14 (ENA) The Agriculture Bureau of the Oromia State said that over 100,000 hectares of woodland in the state are deforested annually.

Environmental protection and land utility professional with the bureau, Bente Shimma, told ENA that expansin of farmlands, the ever increasing need for firewoods and housing construction, illegal settlers and wildfire are the major causes for the destruction.

Speaking at a workshop organized by the German Technical Cooperation here yesterday, he said unless preventive and timely measures are taken by pertinent bodies the remaining forests in the state would be totally destroyed in 30 years time.

According to the participants of the workshop, there are over 30 bird and animal species in Boreana Zone.

They added that due to the destruction of the forests, elephant, giraffe, and rhinoceros are on the verge of extinction.