SPONSOR: Woodson Institute at University of Virginia	
PURPOSE: To offer predoctoral and postdoctoral residential research
fellowships to eligible scholars whose work focuses on Race, Ethnicity,
and Society in Africa and the Atlantic World (broadly defined as the
African Diaspora).

DEADLINE: December 1, 1999

SUMMARY: Postdoctoral fellowships cover one year, beginning August 15,
and carry a stipend of $25,000. Predoctoral fellowships cover two
years, beginning August 15, and carry an annual stipend of $15,000.
Please note: Individuals may not apply for both fellowships in the
same year.

The Woodson Institute is interested in publishing the work of its
fellows in its University Press of Virginia series, Studies of Race,
Ethnicity, and Society in Africa and the Atlantic World. Fellows whose
projects are selected for publication in the series are eligible for up
to $3,000 in editorial assistance.

The University of Virginia requires predoctoral fellowship recipients
to stipulate that they have health insurance; the Woodson Institute
does not provide health insurance, nor is the Institute responsible for
any costs associated with this requirement.

CONDITIONS: Recipients of postdoctoral and predoctoral fellowships
must be in residence at the University of Virginia for the duration
of the award period. They are expected to make periodic presentations
of their work to the Woodson fellows and the larger academic community.

ELIGIBILITY: The competition for Woodson Institute fellowships is open
to qualified candidates without restriction as to citizenship or
current residence. Former employees of the University of Virginia may
not apply for fellowships within the twelve months immediately
following the termination of their University of Virginia employment.
Applicants for predoctoral fellowships must have completed all
requirements for the Ph.D. except the dissertation prior to August 1,
2000. Applicants for postdoctoral fellowship must have been awarded
their Ph.D. by the time of application or furnish proof that it will
have been received prior to June 30, 2000.

APPLICATION MATERIALS: Applicants must submit the following materials
in the number of copies indicated:

1. Completed summary sheet. (Original Only)

2. Letter of application stating interest in the program. (8 copies)

3. Curriculum Vita, which should include the following: personal
information; date(s) and location(s) of degree(s) earned; honors
and awards; lectures and conference presentations; publications;
names of referees. (8 copies) 

4. A project description not to exceed seven double-spaced pages.
PASSED ON TO THE COMMITTEE. The project description should have a
title. It should indicate the nature of the research to be completed
during the period of the fellowship award as well as the significance
of this work for Afro-American and/or African Studies. The project
description should include a detailed research plan giving concrete
objectives to be achieved during the award period. For predoctoral
candidates, these objectives must include award of the Ph.D. For
postdoctoral candidates, the objectives should include a statement
of publication plans of the results of the proposed research and
writing. (8 copies)

5. Graduate school transcript(s). (Predoctoral candidates only;
8 copies, if feasible)

6. Three confidential letters of reference to be sent directly to
the Woodson Institute by persons qualified to evaluate proposal
for which support is being sought. (Original Only)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications for fellowship terms beginning in
August 2000 must be received or postmarked no later than Wednesday,
December 1, 1999.

REVIEW PROCEDURES: Applications and supporting documents will be
reviewed by a local committee supported by such outside consultants
as may be required. Proposals will be judged on the basis of the
following criteria:

1. The significance of the proposed work

2. The qualifications of the applicant

3. Familiarity with existing relevant research literature 

4. The research design of the project

5. The promise of completion within the award period

NOTIFICATION: Applicants will receive notification by mail shortly
after the selection committee makes its decisions in early March 2000.
Selection Committee
Residential Research Fellowships
University of Virginia
The Carter G. Woodson Institute
108 Minor Hall
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Telephone: (804) 924-3109
Fax: (804) 924-8820



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