Message to Scholars in the Diaspora

Addis Ababa University, the premium higher learning institution in the country, wishes to extend a full-hearted invitation to Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to participate in its academic activities. Currently the University is trying to expand its graduate programs to over 100 academic disciplines and diversify its research engagement in many areas. The University has over 60 departments in 11 Faculties and 6 research institutes.

  As you very well know in Ethiopia educational opportunities, especially at a tertiary level, are meagre. As a result of this, many Ethiopians are denied the chance to grow in education. This coupled with the unprecedented level of brain drain has posed serious challenge in the country's social, cultural and intellectual development. The impact of having uneducated society in the era of information and globalization cannot be overemphasized here. In the 21st century that is accelerating the economic gaps at unprecedented speed, the current state of affairs in the education sector cannot be allowed to continue. We believe, in this noble endeavour of increasing educational opportunities for fellow brothers and sisters, every able Ethiopian and friend of Ethiopia (living in Ethiopia or abroad) must be given the chance to contribute. It is with this intention that this note is circulated Participating in teaching on campus or through correspondence Participating in research programs; Facilitating links with higher learning or research institutions Transferring appropriate technology to the University; Facilitating donations/ free subscriptions of new books and current journals and more. Addis Ababa University will facilitate administrative requirements. It also provides support for those coming to participate in teaching programs, especially at the postgraduate level, in departments with shortage of staff. Support for teaching may include one or all of the following: accommodation, transport and local salary or modest honorarium. Departments are willing and able to adjust teaching periods depending on the availability of the expert. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact the office of the Research and Graduate Programs.       


Prof. Yemane Berhane,

Associate Vice President