Ministry To Establish National Youth Fund

 Ministry To Establish National Youth Fund


   Addis Ababa, August 23, 2002 (WIC)- The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture disclosed

   that studies were being finalized to establish national Youth Fund  as part of efforts to help

   empower the youth economically.


   Speaking at the end of a two day symposium yesterday that deliberated on the problems of

   the youth and their solutions, Minister of Youth Sports and Culture, Ambassador Teshome

   Toga said the fund would be used to extend loans to the youth.


   According to the Minister, loans will be made available to the youth through micro financing

   institutions to encourage the youth to create self-employment jobs.


   The Youth Fund could be used to mobilize the youth and other volunteers in capacity building

   schemes, literacy campaign and information exchange, he said.


   Also speaking at the closing of the symposium, Country Director of the symposium sponsor

   organization, Packard Foundation Sahilu Haile disclosed that the Foundation would earmark up

   to 300,000 U.S. Dollars as a contribution to the Youth Fund.


   He said the his Foundation contribution could be used to finance pilot projects.


   The participants at the symposium had also emphasized the need to reorient the youth

   towords developing work ethics and self reliance.


   They urged schools to produce creative, innovative entrepreneurial youth and to aggressively

   execute the education policy.


   The participants also emphasised the need to address the problems of family planning and

   reproductive health.


   Meanwhile, according to the policy objectives of the Ministry, social mobilization programs

   were under preparation to aggressively engage the youth in the fight against the spread of



   It said consultations were underway to coordinate the efforts of governmental and

   non-governmental organizations as well as private institutions to bring about a difference in

   the spread of HIV/AIDS.


   According to the document, the Ministry has finalized the first phase of the study on the

   identification of major problems of the youth across the country that will also contribute to

   addressing the pandemic.


   The Ministry noted that it is resolved to empower the youth by promoting their participation

   in the country’s democratisation, development and capacity building programs.


   The two-day symposium was organized by the Ministry, in cooperation with Packard

   Foundation and Walta Information Center.