Youths Vow To Take Lead In The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

 Youths Vow To Take Lead In The Fight Against HIV/AIDS


   Addis Ababa, June 26, 2002 (WIC)- Ethiopian youths said they would take the leading role

   in fighting HIV/AIDS, which they said, was consuming the productive section of the

   population and the meager resource of the country.


   Representatives of the youth said the resource that was mobilized to fend off the spread of

   AIDS should be channeled to them as peer education was found to be effective way of

   preventing the disease among the youth.


   They also said any researcher and studies should consider the cultural aspects that

   contribute to the spread of the pandemic.


   In his closing remark at the first behavioral surveillance survey (BSS), presentation Vice

   Minister of Health, Dr. Demissie Tadesse said integrated and relentless effort towards fighting

   HIV/AIDS needs to be supported and guided by clearly targeted, well designed and analyzed

   surveillance studies, surveys and researches.


   The Vice Minster said using reliable methods, behavioral surveillance surveys can be used to

   track HIV risk behaviors overtime as part of an integrated surveillance system by monitoring

   various aspects of the epidemics.


   He said the Ministry believes that the second generation HIV surveillance would meet the

   information needs of HIV prevention program planners to better design, implement, monitor

   and evaluate effective HIV/AIDS strategies, programs and tools.